Zapata at Karlovy Vary

‘Zapata’, the latest movie by Danesh Eghbashavi, will be shown at the 57th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The KVIFF is held annually in July in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, and is considered as the most important film event in Easten and Central Europe. 

‘Zapata’ tells the story of a young boy and girl who struggle with poverty, and as a way out, try to make a movie out of their lives during the Covid pandemic. What they do not expect, is gangsters stepping into their film and into their lives…

‘Zapata’ is a mockumentary, filmed with two iPhones, one small hand-held camera, a GoPro action camera, and the appreciable influence of Roger Corman.  

In its first international screening, ‘Zapata’ will be shown in Karlovy Vary’s ‘Another Birth: Iranian Cinema, Here and now’. This part of the festival puts spotlight on independent, poetic and pionnering Iranian movies. 

After ‘Taj Mahal’ (2013) and ‘Never’ (an episode from ‘Hihat’ ,2016), ‘Zapata’ is the third movie directed by Danesh Eghbashavi. It has not premiered in Iran yet. 


Producer: Iraj Taghipoor

Executive Producers: Oveis Toofani, Behrad Mehrjoo

Screenwriter: Karim Nikoonazar

Cast: Reza Massoudi, Mahya Sadr, Amir Samavati, Iman Gheiratmand, Elham Shakib, Mani Sedighi, Hossein Taghavi




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